Top 5 Best 2 Ton Split AC in India For Larger Rooms (2021)

After doing 48 hours of research, we have selected the five best 2 ton Split AC in India right now. Read till the end to find your perfect air conditioner.

Summers are here and the monsoon makes the days unbearable- increasing humidity and enhancing the scorching effects of temperature. With the coming of warm days, there is an increased demand for air coolers, ceiling fans, window ACs, 1-ton AC, 1.5 ton split AC, and 2 Ton air conditioners among consumers.

Keeping this in mind, top brands try to fulfill the cooling requirements with their wide range of products. These products have a myriad of features that makes them a choice for some and not a favorable choice for others. Other than features, what else matters is the budget. An air conditioner that does not burn a hole in your pocket and fulfills your cooling requirements is a go for choice for anyone out there.

We have tried to address the requirements of consumers this summer by listing the five best 2 ton AC in India 2021 of top brands. We have also tried to address the environmental concerns of using excessive ACs by listing the products that use eco-friendly refrigerants. So, you can go through the following list,  choose an air conditioner that best suits your requirements at home, saves out-of-pocket expenditure, and makes you a smart customer.

Best 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner in India 2021

List of Best 2 Ton Split AC in India 2021Star Rating
LG 2.0 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC3 Star
Panasonic 2 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin-Cool Inverter Split Air Conditioner5 Star
LG 2.0 Ton 3 Star Hot and Cold Inverter Split AC3 Star
Sanyo 2 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC3 Star
Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC3 Star

1. LG 2.0 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

On top of the list, we have this LG brand air conditioner for you. It is a split AC product with an inverter compressor.

Important SpecificationsValue
Type of ACInverter Split AC
Condenser TypeCopper
Special FeaturesDust Filter | Dehumidifier | Anti-bacterial Filter
Energy Rating3-Star
 Iseer Value3.96
Cooling Capacity6300 kilowatts
Annual Energy Consumption1232.78 Kilowatt Hours
Noise Level32 dB
Warranty1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 10 years on compressor

It comes with a variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. Add to it, It is energy efficient and has the lowest noise operation making it suitable for a comfortable night’s sleep.

It has a capacity of  2 Ton which is suitable for large-sized rooms. Plus it has an energy rating of 3 stars.

What is more to this product is its special features such as DUAL Inverter compressor, super convertible 5-in-1 Cooling, a 4 Way Air Swing.

 In the times of corona, its HD Filter with anti-virus protection is an added benefit. ,

Additionally, it has  50 Mts. Air Throw and Cools at 52⁰C.

It comes with an ocean blackfin and EZ clean filter which gives it a stylish look along with ultra-protection.

You can install it in both indoor and outdoor units as it provides exceptional durability with 100% copper that extends the life of the air conditioner.

It has automatic gas detection for timely maintenance and refilling.

Also, it auto cleans on its own. Just click on auto clean and your heat exchanger will dry. It ensures there’s no scope of bacteria and mold forming in it.

2. Panasonic 2 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin-Cool Inverter Split Air Conditioner

Second, on the list is this Wi-Fi Split AC with Inverter compressor manufactured by Panasonic.

Important SpecificationsValue
Type of ACInverter Split AC
Condenser TypeCopper
Special FeaturesDust Filter | Dehumidifier | Aerowings | Nanoe-G | Wifi Enabled | EcoTough Casing | Air Purification Filter | Jetstream | Anti-bacterial Filter
Energy Rating5-Star
 Iseer Value4.66
Cooling CapacityNA
Annual Energy Consumption1013.01 kWh
Noise Level40 dB
Warranty1 Year Comprehensive | 5 years on PCB |10 years on Compressor | 5 years on Outdoor Casing

It has a variable speed Inverter compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. Plus its seamless hands-free operation, voice control with Alexa, and google assistant provides an easy and smooth experience.

It has a capacity of 2 Ton – suitable for large-sized rooms. It comes equipped with powerful and dry modes for different cooling needs. To let you be eco-friendly it has an energy star rating of 5 Stars.

Further, it has a copper condenser coil with shield blu technology that enhances durability in high humidity coastal areas. It is the best 2 ton AC in India in 2021.

Coming to its special features- it has a Wi-Fi air conditioner that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Add to it, it has voice control that lets you make a smart diagnosis with a one-touch service.

It is equipped with a shield blu anti-corrosion technology extending its life. Its PM 2.5 Filter just lets you be healthy and safe.

It has customized sleep profiles that let you be in control anytime anywhere.

The Unique feature about the air conditioner is Panasonic Nanoe Technology that deodorizes, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses; and is effective in dust removal to create a fresher and cleaner living environment for your home.

3. LG 2.0 Ton 3 Star Hot and Cold Inverter Split AC

This LG 2.0 Ton Split AC comes with a hot & cold split and a 4-way swing with an Inverter compressor.

Important SpecificationsValue
Type of ACHot and Cold Inverter Split AC
Condenser TypeCopper
Special FeaturesDust Filter | Dehumidifier | Heater | Antibacterial Coating
Energy Rating3-Star
 Iseer Value3.70 Kwh/Kwh
Cooling CapacityNA
Annual Energy Consumption1296.18 Kilowatt Hours
Noise Level34 dB
Warranty1 Year (Comprehensive), 10 Years (Compressor with Gas Charging T&C)

It has an energy rating of 3 stars with a very efficient annual energy consumption. With a warranty of 1 Year, it lets you utilize the amount you have invested in air conditioning.

Equipped with a gold fin condenser, it ensures more corrosion resistance and extends the durability of the heat exchange for a much longer period.

With its special features like cooling & heating, it can be the best choice in this price range.

For extra protection, it has EZ clean filter so that the air inside your home is free of various harmful particles.

Plus, it comes with features like active energy control, ocean black protection, comfort air, magic display, and copper installation kit.

It can make low refrigerant detection. Also its laminar flow design offer uniform airflow and ventilation throughout the room.

While purchasing this air conditioner, you can ensure that hot days are never met.

Thanks to its faster cooling technology it saves your electricity. It is made for Indian regions, which are highly affected by sand, salt, industrial smoke, and pollutants. It ensures an extended lifespan with low operation cost.

4. Sanyo 2 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC

Next on the list is this Sanyo air conditioner that comes with Duo Cool Inverter Technology at your asking prices.

Important SpecificationsValue
Type of ACInverter Split AC
Condenser TypeCopper
Special FeaturesDust Filter | Dehumidifier | PM 2.5 Filter | Air Purifier
Energy Rating3-Star
 Iseer Value3.80
Cooling Capacity6200 watts
Annual Energy Consumption1264.42 Units
Noise Level43 dB
Warranty1 year on product 1 year on condenser 5 years on compressor

Why it can be the best for your home?

First, It lets you Live high on comfort and low on electricity bills. Unlike regular inverter ACs, this advanced Sanyo Inverter AC has two independent rotors.

These rotators ensure faster and energy-efficient cooling. A Japanese brand- Sanyo stands out as the best brand with a rich legacy of 7 decades,

In all series of Sanyo products, features like PM 2.5 & dust filters ensure optimal protection and clean air so you can enjoy good health in every breath.  A host of other unique features are also there to meet all your cooling needs. Sanyo keeps the unique Indian climate in mind while keeping your electricity bills low with its energy-saving Japanese inverter technology.

Further, its Glacier Mode lets you enjoy jet-speed cooling at your fingertips. Glacier Mode allows 35% higher fan speed over medium mode to deliver instant cooling right when you need it the most. With this purchase, you can gain complete peace of mind by ensuring a timely service response through its widespread service network of over 350 service centers. They are always at your service.

With its eco function, you can enjoy lower power bills.

Its amazing backlit remote is ergonomically designed, glow-in-the-dark, and lets you control temperature on a go. It is an added feature for ease of operation.

5. Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Let us bring home this Carrier room AC which keeps you cool even when the outside temperature is as high as 52°C. Amazed?

Important SpecificationsValue
Type of ACInverter Split AC
Condenser TypeCopper
Special FeaturesDust Filter | Dehumidifier | Air Purification Filter
Energy Rating3-Star
 Iseer Value3.62
Cooling CapacityNA
Annual Energy Consumption1325.27 Kilowatt Hours
Noise Level40 dB
Warranty1 year on product, 5 years on compressor

Well, the carrier brand keeps your convenience at the top while offering the features in AC. This AC is equipped with a PM 2.5 filter which gives you cool fresh and healthy air. 

Further, this AC comes with a hidden display feature that switches off the LED display with just a click on the remote. With a capacity of a large-sized room, it is affordable compared to split inverter ACs.

Equipped with a copper condenser coil it gives better cooling and requires low maintenance. Add to it, its high ambient working keeps you cool even at a temperature as high as 52 degrees C.

You can set the air conditioner at auto mode that will automatically select the fan speed, operation mode. It sets the differential between the set temperature and room temperature. It is Carrier’s Best 2 ton split ac in India 2021.

You can ensure a comfortable cooling experience by increasing the temperature by 1 deg. C using its sleep mode, per hour for the first two hours, then holding it steady for the next five hours, and finally switching off the AC.

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