Best Air/Desert Cooler in India 2021- Experts Reviews & Buying Guide

searching for the best air cooler in India 2021?

You have made up your mind to buy the best air cooler but you do not know anything about it, right?

If so, you have come to the right place. We have listed below the top 10 air cooler in India and some of which can also compete with air conditioners.

By reading this, you will get all the knowledge like air cooler price and buying guide etc and you will be able to buy a good long-lasting air cooler.

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Best Air Cooler for home use in India 2021

1. Bajaj Air Cooler – best air cooler in India 2021

What are experts say about the product

If anything gives you the most comfort in the summer season, it is fresh natural cold air. This Bajaj Air cooler is specially designed for the areas where the weather is always hot.

Bajaj Air/Room Cooler
  • Hexacool technology
  • Turbofan technology
  • Super air delivery
  • 3 Side cool master

Very strong air comes out from inside this Bajaj Air cooler which can cool your entire room very quickly. You will not have any kind of trouble sitting in front of this air cooler. Because it does not make noise at all. Nor does it throw out too much water with air.

In order to make this, Hexacool technology has been used, which sucks very little water out of the air cooler and provides you with a lot of air and cooling.

It has a large tank of 36 liters, which once filled, you will not need to fill it quickly again and you will be able to enjoy the air continuously throughout the day.

Turbofan technology has been used to make this air cooler which is very powerful and rotates the fan petals very fast and also gives us very very good air.

Air cooler prices depend on their quality and technology but this Bajaj air cooler price is Very under budget And due to its latest technology and its very high sales, it has also been considered as the best air cooler on Amazon.

For more satisfaction, you can also check Bajaj air cooler price list and reviews, But in our view, the model we have advised to buy now is the best. Because it has a lot of features that are not available in other air coolers like you can run this air cooler without water and its motor will not deteriorate either.

  • Best air cooler under budget
  • Can be moved easily anywhere
  • Easily removable pads
  • Comes with magnificent design
  • Best brand air cooler
  • It can be too big for some people


2. Symphony Air cooler 12 – Best Desert Cooler under 10000

What are experts say about the product

Are you searching fort the best desert cooler under 6000? It usually costs more money to buy a good air cooler. But you don’t have to be sad at all. We have found durable and long lasting Desert Cooler for you in your budget.

symphony air/room cooler
  • Low power consumption
  • Cool flow dispenser
  • Water level indicator
  • Dura-pump technology
  • Cooling pads

This symphony air cooler is like a blessing for us in summers. Its body has been made absolutely slim So that it doesn’t take up any space in your house.

In this advance technology air cooler, many types of filters have been used to clean the air such as dust filter, smell filter and bacteria filter etc.

Experts believe that if the air cooler is to run for a long-lasting, then dura-pump technology must be used in it. And you will be very happy to hear that same technology has been used to boost this desert cooler pump system.

This symphony air cooler uses less power than a ceiling fan. It has a water level indicator which informs you about the water level so that you can replenish it whenever its water runs out.

In this, very different and advance technology has been used to cool the air quickly. Its high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads absorb the water inside them and when hot air passes through them, it cools down and throws it out.

Not only this, It also has wheels , due to which you can turn it in your desired direction.

  • Comes with an advanced alert system.
  • Too many features under budget
  • Best air cooler for medium size family
  • Many customers are satisfied
  • Some customers do not like it’s design.

3. Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler – Best Air Cooler for home use

What are experts say about the product

We must have heard the name of Crompton brand somewhere. Apart from air cooler, they also make many other things like ceiling fans and water heater. We know that you have come in search of the best Crompton air cooler, so we have given a review of its best product.

crompton Air/Desert Cooler
  • Wood wool cooling pad
  • Ice chambers
  • 75-litre capacity
  • Suitable for up to 500 sq ft
  • Inverter capability
  • Rust free body

The most special thing about this room cooler is that its capacity is 75 litres. Once you fill it with water, it lasts for a long time and you too will become tension free.

To fight the extreme heat, an ice chamber has been given in it, if you put ice inside it, very cold air will come out of it.

Its body is made of fibre to protect it from rust and water spots as well as to give it a longer life. You do not need any kind of trouble to clean it. You can clean it very easily with the help of a wet cloth.

Even if there is no electricity in your area, you can connect it to the inverter and enjoy the cool breeze very comfortably. It Can throw air to more than 10 people at a time because it has motorized/oscillating louvres.

Whether you are working in the kitchen or sitting across the dining table. This air cooler throws air to you because its air throwing capacity is up to 500 square feet.

  • Low power consumption and extra cooling
  • Comes with magnificent design and advance features
  • Most demanding air cooler on Amazon
  • A wood wool cooling pad for better cooling performance
  • Comes with simple colour
  • Some users are not satisfied

4. Havells Fresco Personal Air Cooler – Best Brand Air Cooler to buy in India

What are experts say about the product

Finding the best air cooler in India is very difficult because thousands of brands are selling air coolers. But there are some companies on which we can trust blindly. Which also includes the Havells brand.

  • Collapsible Louvers
  • Dust filter net
  • Water tank cover
  • Cord winding station
  • Auto drain and humidity control

This Havells air cooler is not just an air cooler but also the sign of perfection. Often the water kept in the air cooler gets dirty automatically due to the dust and insects going inside. Therefore, it has completely collapsible Louvers which protect the water from getting dirty.

Dust Filter Net has been used in it, which cleans the dust from the air and cools it.

To protect the water from mosquitoes and other dusty particles, a cover has been put on its tank which keeps the water kept in the tank completely safe.

Due to the auto drain system, the water in the tank drains out very easily.

altogether different and advance innovation has been utilized to cool the air rapidly. Its high effectiveness honeycomb cooling pads ingest the water inside them and when hot air goes through them, it chills off and tosses it out.

  • Auto drain system, Which drains the water very easily.
  • The 1-year warranty at consumer home
  • Its advanced features make it very safe.
  • Does not make any sound while running.

    5. Cello Marvel+60-Litres Desert Air Cooler – Best Air cooler to buy in India

    What are experts say about the product

    Now make your life comfortable, with the help of this cello desert air cooler. Its capacity is 60 liters, in which there is no need to fill water for a long time and It also has a water level indicator which informs us when the water runs out.

    Cello Air Cooler
    • Turbo cooling system
    • Compatible to inverter
    • Lower power consumption
    • 60 litres tank

    honeycomb cooling pads used in it cool the air very easily and at the same time they also clean the dirty air.

    To use this air cooler, you do not need to repeatedly get up and press its button because it uses a digital display as well as a remote control.

    If there is no electricity in your house or you live in an area where there is very less electricity, then you can also connect it to the inverter.

    Turbo calling system has been used to make it, which has thrown very cold air even in extremely hot weather and can deliver powerful air to any corner of your house.

    You can place this air cooler anywhere as it adjusts anywhere. There is no need to drag it from one place to another because it has wheels which can carry it anywhere very easily.

    • his air cooler is perfect for both home and office.
    • Consumes very little electricity and throws high-power air.
    • Designed with digital display and remote control.
    • Best air cooler under 10000
    • Some customers are not satisfied by its price.
    • There is no colour option

    6. Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler 31-litres

    What are experts say about the product

    The symphony brand specializes in making air coolers, hence its air coolers are the most sold in the market.

    The most special thing about this model is that it cleans all the dirt, bacteria smells and chemical living in the air.

    symphony Air cooler
    • Dura pump technology
    • System Restore Function
    • SMPS technology
    • Low power consumption
    • Cool flow Dispenser
    • Capacity: 31 litres

    This cooler has come with SMPS technology which automatically turns off when there is voltage fluctuation.

    It consumes very less power compared to other coolers or you can also say that it uses less electricity than a fan.

    It has an cool flow dispenser which cools the hot air and throws it out.

    The longest running dura pump technology has been used which greatly increases its pump’s life.

    It is designed in such a way that you can keep it wherever you want. Whether inside the house or outside the house, It Will protect you from heat everywhere.

    • Powered by i-pure technology with multi air purifications.
    • Comes with auto shut off function
    • Dura pump technology for long-lasting pump
    • Water empty alarm that warns about the water level
    • Easily adjustable and lightweight
    • Increase the humidity in the air

    7. Voltas Grand Air Desert Cooler, 52 L

    What are experts say about the product

    We don’t think you will need to consult our experts to buy Voltas Air Cooler. The Voltas brand and has such a name in the Indian market that people blindly buy its products.

    • Honeycomb cooling pads
    • 52-litre water tank
    • Sleek and Compact
    • Turbo air throw
    • Air flows: 3400 cubic meter/hour
    • Large fan size
    • Elegant design

    he most special thing about this Voltas air cooler is that it has honeycomb cooling pads. These calling pads are already absorbed the cool water and when hot air passes through these pads, they cool it and throw it out.

    The size of its wings has been made large so that it can throw a large amount of air at a time.

    It has a large water tank of 52 liters, in which once you fill water, you will not have to fill water quickly.

    Its design has been made so beautiful that when you keep it at home, it will enhance its beauty.

    The biggest thing about the Voltas Desert Cooler is that this brand comes under the Tata company and Tata has earned a lot of name in India and And they never disappoints their customers and provides them products of very good quality.

    • Parts of this air cooler are very easy to find in the market.
    • Being lightweight, easily carried from one place to another.
    • Throw more amount of air due to the large size of fans.
    • Built with advanced technology

    8. iBELL Cool25 Air Cooler – 25 L

    What are experts say about the product

    Are you searching for the long lasting and best air cooler for home use? We have found the best air cooler under 10000.

    In this review, we are going to tell you about the IBELL company whose air coolers are sold a lot in the Indian market.

    iBell is an Indian company that manufactures products such as gas stoves, televisions and air coolers.

    • Honeycomb pad
    • 25-litre capacity
    • Ice chamber
    • Castor wheels
    • Magnificent design & slim body
    • Work on inverter

    Its design has been made slim and its capacity is 25 liters, which is perfect for small and medium families.

    Keeping its structure in view, you can place it comfortably in any corner of the house.

    And castor wheels have also been installed in it to easily move it from one place to another.

    You can easily use it even in very hot areas, because it has also given you ice chamber in which once you put ice, it throws out very cold air.

    And if you do not want to use ice chamber, then there are also honeycomb pad in it, which throw outside very child air even without Ice.

    So if you have made up your mind to buy the best air cooler in India 2021 then you should definitely buy this product. And for more research, you can also read the reviews and comments of customers on Amazon.

    • Pros:
    • Too many features at a very low price.
    • A reliable brand air cooler.
    • Both small and medium families can use it.
    • The slim body is made for ease.
    • Many customers have given good reviews.
    • Due to the water tank size being small, water may have to be filled again and again.

    9. Symphony Touch 55 Room Air Cooler 55-litres

    What are experts say about the product

    After reading the review of each product, you must have understood that symphony is best brand air cooler in India 2021. We have written the most about the symphony air coolers because it is the highest demand in the market.

    symphony 55 ltr air cooler
    • 4-slide cooling pads
    • Cool flow dispenser
    • Dura-pump technology
    • Ergonomic Handle & cord winder
    • Low power consumption
    • Use it inside or outside

    If we talk about this room cooler, the most important thing in it is that the air cooling pads has been given on all 4 sides.

    The latest dura pump technology has been used in it which does not let the pump deteriorate quickly and works for a very long time.

    This Desert Cooler has been made so advanced that it not only works much but also consume very low electricity.

    It has been designed in such a way that if you want, you can use it inside the house and if you want, also outside the house.

    And take it as many warm weather as you want, or go with little warm weather. It works in both places.

    It has also used i-pure technology which is made for filters and it cleans all the particles like bacteria, viruses and dust etc with the help of filters.

    • All four sides have air cooling pads.
    • There is a large water tank of 55 litres.
    • Various types of filters are installed to clean the air.
    • Consume very low power as well as advanced features.
    • Easy to use and comes with dial knob control
    • This air cooler parts are easily available in the market.
    • Very few people have bought it.
    • This is not for a small family.

    Air cooler Buying Guide in India 2021

    Types of Air Coolers in India

    1. Desert cooler

    Desert coolers are those coolers that are very large in size and in which we can fill 40 to 60 litres of water at a time. These coolers are usually made for outdoor areas.
    Because the most important purpose of making them is that they throw too much air at once and cover a large area. In big shops, restaurants or offices which do not have air conditioners, we see that Desert Coolers are installed there because they consume much less power than air conditioners and can run non-stop throughout the day and their air is also not harmful at all.

    Due to the large family of many people, they have to install dessert coolers in their home.
    Or if guests come to your house every day, then you should buy the same cooler.

    The most special thing about a Desert Cooler is that due to its large size, a good quality motor and pump are installed in it.
    So that it does not damage quickly and will run non-stop throughout the day.

    2. Window Coolers

    Window coolers are installed in homes or offices that do not have much space. They are installed on windows, so they look like air conditioners. The capacity of the water tank is about 40 to 50 litres. And they are usually used for Indore only.

    3. Personal Air coolers

    Personal air coolers are the coolers we use in our homes. These air coolers have a water tank capacity of 25 to 45 litres. And these are the highest demand air coolers in the market, They are used in homes, so various functions are given in them such as castor wheels, automatic alert system and type of air filters etc. These are considered the best air coolers for use in homes. According to their size, you can use it anywhere indoor or outdoor Aland they are made in such a way that they can adjust in any corner of the house.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 2021

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