Distilled water vs purified water

Our body needs water very much. It is impossible to live without water.

But we should also see what water we are drinking? Is the water we are drinking good for our body?

There are many of us who drink water but they do not know whether this water is quality or what type of water it is?

Just being clear of water is not enough. We should also know how many impurities are present in the water and how many minerals present in it.

Now we will talk about distilled water and RO water.

Distilled water and RO water are both clean water. But the method of cleaning them is different and their usage is also different.

So let’s know what is RO and distilled water and what is the difference between theses two waters.

Distilled water

Distilled water process has been done for a long time. In this process, water is boiled and stored in the shape of the vapor.

Because of which impurities dissolved in water are also eliminated. Such as metals, bacteria, viruses and harmful chemicals.

Distilled water is clean, but after this process, the necessary minerals like sodium, calcium and magnesium are removed from it along with the impurities.

If we want to drink distilled water then we can drink But this is not good for our body because the essential minerals that our body needs are not in this water. And if we drink this water for a long time, then we may have to face various diseases.

Generally distilled water is used in labs, And that’s why we call it laboratory water.

If we compare distilled water with tap water or any other type of water And think which of these water should we drink? At such time we should drink distilled water Because TDS is very low in distilled water. And in this water there are no bacteria etc of any kind.

Distilled water – frequently asked questions ( fAQS)

Is Distilled water safe to drink?

If you want to drink distilled water then you can drink. Because it does not have impurities. Along with impurities, it does not contain minerals. And minerals are very important for our body. If we continue to drink water without minerals, then our health may deteriorate. Therefore distilled water is not safe for our body.

are distilled water and boiled water the same?

There is a slightly difference between Distilled water vs Purified water.

When we boil water in a vessel. So it starts boiling at 100 degrees. And this process takes very less time.
In boiling water, the impurities are eliminated from it, but the minerals do not remove,
But when distilled water is condensed into a liquid, then the minerals along with the impurities removed.

Purified water

Purified means water that does not contain any kind impurities, There are many ways to purify water most of which water is cleaned by using the RO technique.
The water in someplace is so clean that we do not need to filter it. But the water everywhere is not the same.
If we check properly, the water in most places is not good. At such a place, we boil water to drink it. So that the impurities come out of it.

But water is something that we need again and again. That’s why we can’t boil it every time.

At such a place, we should get the best water purifier Because if we are drinking water with impurities then it will not be good for our body at all. It can cause various diseases in our body.

The biggest feature of purified water is that it does not have impurities but contains all the minerals.
And drinking mineral water is very important for us.
If our body needs anything more then it is water. Our body contains up to 60 per cent of water, in which brain, heart, lungs and skin need the most water.

Purified water – frequently asked question (FAQS)

Are purified water safe?

Yes, pure water is absolutely safe. Because it does not have any kind of impurities and it contains all the minerals which are very important for our body.

Are purified water and distilled the same?

No. Purified water and distilled water are not the same because If we talk about distilled water, then this water is clean but there are no minerals in it. And the distilled water is first converted into the form of vapour and then condensed into liquid form again.

Whereas this does not happen in purified water.
In purified water, we use such technology to eliminate its impurities, but the minerals remain in it. Such as RO (reverse osmosis) technology and UV ( ultraviolet) process.

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