Gravity Water Purifier Buying Guide

Gone are the days boiling water was enough to remove the impurities. Though your drinking water may not high in TDS, there are a lot of hazardous chemicals in the water that cannot be removed by boiling the water. Therefore, you need a water purifier to drink healthy water.

Among the different types of water purifiers available, gravity-based water purifiers are quite popular among people who want an efficient and economical non-electric water purifier. The gravity water purifier is the most suitable water purifier for low TDS drinking water.

If you get your water from a public water supply and it is not high in TDS, you should use a gravity water purifier. Make sure to test your water before choose the required water purifier.

The best advantage of buying a gravity-based water purifier is it does not require electricity which can be very useful in areas that face frequent power cuts.

However, when it comes to buying gravity water purifiers, you need to have some basic knowledge about the water purifier so that you make the right decision. This gravity water purifier buying guide will help you choose the perfect water purifier for your home.

gravity water purifier buying guide

Tips to buy best Gravity Water Purifier

To make sure you don’t regret your decision of purchasing the wrong water purifier you must follow the below-mentioned gravity water purifier buying tips :

Filters used in gravity water purifiers?

The gravity-based water purifiers do not use electricity for the purification process. The water purifiers use activated carbon filters. These filters work on the principle of gravity and do not require any external force. Activated carbon filters are made up of small carbon granules that absorb the impurities. Almost every gravity water purifier uses activated carbon filters. Some of the renowned water purifier brands also provide UF-based gravity water purifiers. The Ultrafiltration technology is the most advanced water purification process in gravity water purifiers as the pore size of these filters is very small. These filters can easily remove harmful microorganisms and cysts from the water.

Chemical Free Purification

Many water purifiers use chemicals in the purification of water that can be harmful to your health. You need to look for a water purifier that uses a chemical-free purification process. Chemical-free purification in gravity water purifiers ensures that the water is safe and healthy to drink. UF water purifier usually uses chemical-free purification methods to purify the drinking water. Reverse Osmosis water purification is not chemical-free.

Storage Capacity

While buying any water purifier, it is advisable to opt for high storage capacity. The high storage capacity ensures the availability of pure drinking water for a long time. Since the purification process, the flow of water is slow as it works on the principle of gravity. No external force is applied, therefore the gravity water purifier comes with a dual storage tank for raw water and pure water. You need to opt for a water purifier that comes with high storage capacity. You can easily buy a water purifier with a storage capacity of 20-24 liters.

Easy to Clean

Gravity water purifier requires cleaning after every 10-15 days. As a result, you need to opt for a water purifier that is easy to use and clean. The maintenance should be easy as you need to open the water purifier many times for cleaning.

Gravity water purifiers are the best choice if your water is already treated and free from heavy metals and dissolved salts. The price of a gravity water purifier is very economical. You can buy a decent gravity water purifier from the price range between 1500-4000. Also, the material of the body should be durable.

There are reputed brands in India such as KENT, Aquaguard, and Pureit that provide top-quality gravity-based water purifiers. KENT has a wide range of gravity water purifiers based on UF technology and offers excellent purification technology to purify drinking water.

In India, many children die due to drinking contaminated water. Many people are still suffering from the harmful consequences caused by polluted water. Since pollution level is continuously increasing and serious action needs to be taken in order to make the drinking water fit for consumption.

Introducing a decent water purifier in our home is most important to give your family a healthy environment.

Get your water purifier today and stay healthy.

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