Things You Should Know About TDS in Water To Remain Healthy

Healthy drinking water should contain adequate minerals that would keep you and your family healthy. At the same time, if the water that you are drinking contains excessive minerals, it would become a problem for your body. Therefore, the water that you drink should ideally have a proper balance in TDS limits.

What is TDS in Water?

Soil usually remains polluted by wastage, chemicals, and pesticides, and the water flow on the ground, which takes almost every kind of mineral with it that is present in the soil. The same water flows through metallic pipes and thus brings along with it more solid particles. These dissolved impurities that are present in the water are called the Total Dissolved Solids or TDS. TDS can be expressed in mg/l or it can be referred to as “parts per million” ppm.

Why Measure TDS Level of Water?

Now that you have understood that water contains TDS in it, but it should be at the proper level. Bureau of Indian Standards and WHO” has set a level that explains the presence of TDS in water, which should not exceed its limit. If it crosses the limit, it would be unfit for human consumption.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), your drinking containing a TDS level that is lower than 300mg/l would be considered as the ideal level and you can it is excellent for drinking. If the TDS level in water is between 300 – 600 it is good, between 600 – 900 ppm it is fair to drink. The drinking water if it is between 900 – 1200 or above 1200 ppm, is termed as poor and unacceptable for drinking.

On the other hand, as per the “Bureau of Indian Standards”, the perfect concentration of TDS that should be present in the drinking water is lower than 300mg/l. It has also set the maximum limit of TDS in water and the permissible measure is 600mg/l.

How to ensure you are drinking water with a Proper TDS level?

Everyone should drink pure water that has a proper measure of TDS level in it, but there are many parts of the country, where people don’t get clean drinking water and with the expected TDS level in it. This makes the people suffer from several diseases. Well, the solution is to have an RO water purifier that has a TDS controller in it. RO water purifier can no doubt clean the impurities from the raw water, but it also removes the essential minerals from water, you may ask, is the RO water purifier the best option? In this case, the TDS controller can assist in retaining the minerals in the water.

Talking about RO water with a TDS controller, you would find a wide range of water purifiers in the market, which you can opt for. There are different brands in the market like KENT, Aquaguard, HUL, Tata Swach, and many others. All these brands are best in offering excellent pieces of water purifiers that come added to the latest purification technology. Just select the best RO water purifiers from the wide range and install them in your home to drink pure water with proper TDS level in it. All you need to check is the price range that suits your budget. Before you purchase any water purifier, it would be better to go through a water purifier buying guide, so that you can pick the right machine for your home.

Drink pure and stay healthy!

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