Why water is important

If there is anything important in the world then it is water, because without water we cannot think about our life.
Water is needed not only by humans but everything on this earth like trees, animals, insects and fish etc.
If there was no water on our earth, today this earth would not have happened because this earth is made up of 65% water.

where is water present in our body?

Water is in every form around us but we do not know, as there is water in our air, there is water in our body cells, there is also water in our heart and brain, and tree plants also inside a big rock. There is water but this water is much more and less like our body has water around 60% and due to which our body works, our blood contains 50% water, our brain has 70% percent water. And we have 75% water in our lungs, if there is no water in our body then none of our body parts will work and we will die.

How much water do we need?

Everyone in the world needs water, someone needs less water, then someone needs more water, like a fish cannot live without water because its body needs 80% water, similarly a born child One also needs 80% water, but if we talk about the camels then the camel is such an animal that is found in the deserts and there is a lot of lack of water, so their bodies are such that If they drinks water once, then they can live without water for many days because their bodies have ability to store water in their stomachs for many days and can also be alive.

what is the work of water in our body?

The second important thing is that water makes saliva in our mouth. And saliva breakdowns the food inside our stomach Because of which food gets digested inside our stomach.
But if we do not drink water, saliva will not be formed in our mouth. Because of which our body will feel that it will now need to make more saliva to digest food. And due to this process, pain starts in the joints of our hands and feet. Our dehydration starts happening. And our blood also being impure.
Due to water, the temperature of our body is also maintained.

What happens when we don’t drink water?

Because when we do some work, our body produces heat. And to get this heat out, our body sweat. Because of which the temperature of our body is maintained. But if we do not drink water, then the heat that is being produced inside our body will not come out of it. Because the heat inside the body comes out through sweat and if we do not drink water, then we will not get sweat in our body. Due to which the temperature of our body will be high And then there will be loss of plasma and electrolytes in our body. Due to which dehydration will occur in our body and dehydration is not good for our body at all.

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