Best Air Purifier in India 2021 Reviews

You just can’t disregard the demand for breathing Clean as well as Pure Air in India due to increasing pollution. In this blog, you’ll get to know what is the best air purifier in India.

15 out of 20 most polluted cities are in India– as discovered by WHO (World Health Organization). Yet surprisingly more than 2 million individuals die premature deaths due to indoor air pollution.

This is mainly a result of inadequate ventilation, gas fumes from stoves, smoke, paint fumes, varnishes, fungal spores, and digital tools that we bring into the house.  

We have shortlisted the best air purifiers in India after doing hours of research to save your time and hard-earned money because We at care about you and your loved ones.

Factors that we considered before shortlisting

HEPA Filter– This specific filter is proven to eliminate mostly dirt, pollen, mold, smoke, pet dander, and also even hair.

Carbon Filter– This can primarily get rid of gas as well as chemical fumes, bad odor, and smoke, etc

Ionic Filter– This can get rid of dirt, plant pollen, unstable natural compounds, fungi, bacteria, infections, and also smoke.

UV Light– This filter can remove major micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, and germs, and so on

Best Air Purifiers in India 2021

  1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier
  2. Coway Sleek Pro Air Purifier AP-1009
  3. Philips Air Purifier – 3000 Series
  4. Philips 2000 Series AeraSense 
  5. Honeywell Air Touch i8 Air Purifier

1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier

The Dyson Pure Cool Link air cleanser immediately gets rid of 99.95% of allergens as well as contaminants as small as 0.1 microns.

best air purifier in india

Dyson purifiers strongly task and circulate purified air throughout the room with Air Multiplier ™ modern technology. The 360 level, vacuum-sealed Glass HEPA filter eliminates indoor air pollutants while the 2nd layer of tris-coated triggered carbon records house odors and possibly dangerous toxic substances. It is by far one of the best air purifiers in India.

Smart filtration instantly keeps an eye on, reacts, and also purifies – after that reports the air quality data to your Dyson link app, so you can remotely manage your environment. Easy filter change with notification on the app when the filter requires replacement. It is the best air purifier in India 2021.

It accompanies some great features too

  • 360° Glass HEPA Filter with Tris-coated Activated Carbon
  • Air Multiplier Technology for powerful air projection
  • The oscillation feature helps circulate purified air throughout the room.
What We Like
  • Hepa Filter
  • Unique Design
  • Very Easy to Install & convenient to use
  • After sale service is great
What We Don’t Like
  • On the Expensive End

2. Coway Sleek Pro Air Purifier AP-1009

Coway is a renowned global brand from Korea that is known for its Air Purifiers.

best air cleanser

This model from Coway has 3 layers of air filtration:

  • Green Anti Flu HEPA Filter – which is effective in removing cigarette smoke, viruses, germs, and mini dust (PM 2.5).
  • Pre Filter – that removes dust, hair, or pet fur
  • Carbon Filter – useful for removing odors and harmful gases

The eco-friendly HEPA filter in this air purifier is made from Ginko and Japanese Sumac which aid in the removal of H1N1 viruses, influenza, and many other infections.

It has 4-speed settings and a real-time air quality indicator, the indicator changes color from red to blue as the air gets purified.

What We Like
  • Turbo Mode
  • Easy To Install
  • Low Noise Level
  • Value For Money
  • Great Customer Support
What We Don’t Like
  • no remote control

3. Philips Air Purifier – 3000 Series

Philips 3000 Series Air Cleanser with AeraSense & VitaShield IPS to ensure you as well as your enjoyed ones take a breath Healthier Air

best air purifier in india 2021

VitaShield Smart Filtration System (IPS) normally gets rid of 99.97% allergens & ultra-fine fragments as tiny as 0.02 microns (100 TIMES SMALLER SIZED THAN PM2.5).

Breath the difference with Vitashield IPS as well as Aerasense technology

Aerasense technology provides you confidence by display real-time indoor air quality.

The added thick NanoProtect HEPA and also AC filter is developed for remarkable filtration efficiency as well as lifetime versus airborne bits.

What We Like
  • Hepa Filter
  • Turbo Mode
  • Real Time Air Quality Indicator
  • Sleep Mode
What We Don’t Like
  • No Remote Control

4. Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20

The Philips 2000 Air Cleanser series has 3 automated purification setups: a General setting, an extra-sensitive allergen mode, and an extra-powerful bacteria as well as virus mode. You can choose your favored setting to customize and also optimize your filtration.

what is best air purifier

It can properly get rid of ultra-fine particles as little as 20nm, efficiently reduce dangerous gases such as formaldehyde, TVOC as well as smell. Eliminates as much as 99.9% of microorganisms and viruses.

AeraSense is a sensor that accurately identifies great fragments that are even smaller than PM2.5 (consisting of the most common indoor air-borne irritants).

It after that refines these details to guarantee that the cleanser’s setups are at the optimal level for existing air problems, as well as for constant reassurance. Then provides you responses to live indoor air quality by revealing the PM2.5 level.

When in silent mode, the purifier turns down its fan speed as well as noise level to permit a comfy evening’s rest.

Both AQI and the light on the UI can be dimmed and/or switched off prevent light disturbance for customers.

Bacteria & Infection particles are the ones hardly ever spotted by air sensing units. Therefore the most reliable means to reduce these particles is to significantly enhance the airflow and boost the air exchange per hour. This mode boosts the Air flow, then the premium quality HEPA filter in the Purifier efficiently captures the germs and virus by 99.9%, making sure cleaner air results.

The filter lifetime is accurately calculated based upon indoor contamination level, airflow, and operation time. The healthy air protects alert lets you recognize promptly when it is time to replace the filter. If the filter is not changed promptly, the device quits operating -to stay clear of ineffective purification. So you are guaranteed much healthier air constantly.

What We Like
  • Allergen Mode
  • Smart Light Control
  • Value for Money
  • Low Noise
What We Don’t Like
  • We Can’t Find Any

5. Honeywell Air Touch i8 Air Purifier

Presenting to our readers Air Touch i8 indoor air purifier with real-time PM2.5 meter by Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company.

honeywell air purifier

Takes in the air from the sides and bottom, releases pure air from the top at an angle appropriate to guarantee maximum airflow. An award-winning design established keeping in mind Honeywell user Experience principles, the home air cleanser offers a smooth product experience that is entirely DIY in regards to installation, usage & filter replacement.

No sharp edges and an anti-fall style with zero exposure to filters guarantee that there is no danger to your kids if they occur to touch the air purifier. If your budget is under 15000 this is the best air purifier in India you can buy right now.

 It measures a real-time pollution degree inside your space with the PM2.5 meter onboard the cleanser. No demand to buy another meter.

Integrated HIV and HEPA filter that removes microscopic allergens, PM2.5, pollens, hazardous gases, VOCs, formaldehyde, and smell.

Washable pre-filter that eliminates larger dust particles, pet dog hair/dander, soil, and so on.

Completely ‘Ozone Free’ Air Cleanser. It does not give off any kind of dangerous gases as a by-product of purification modern technology.

Roughly 3000 hours of filter life, based on ambient air pollution can work for a year if used for 8 hrs daily.

A CADR of 300 cu.m/hr guarantees the cleanser can cleanse a space of size up to 36 Sq. m in just 10 mins. High CADR makes certain efficient cleaning in the bedroom along with living rooms.

High filter life of 3000 hours for the composite filter and really low power consumption means you incur a reduced running price of air purifier.

What We Like
  • Easy to Install
  • Works Smoothly
  • Child Lock
  • Sleep Mode
  • Beautiful Design
What We Don’t Like
  • No Cons

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